Staying at Home is Better

In-Home Cat Sitter

Why should I hire a cat sitter

Cats are happier and experience less stress at home

Diet and play routines are uninterrupted

Travel trauma for both owner and cat is eliminated

Cat's exposure to illness is minimized

Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called

In-home professional cat care provides added peace of mind.

 “Anyone can post a profile advertising pet-sitting services, so it is important that pet owners take a closer look to ensure they are hiring a ‘real pet sitter’ to care for their pets.”

—Patti J. Moran PSI president and founder

In an articled By Elizabeth Xu

"Cats Grave Routine"

A pet sitter or friend should always be called if you’re going to leave your pet for a long period of time, Johnson-Bennett says. Cats should never be left for more than 24 hours without having someone check on their well-being. In addition to helping with unexpected illness or injury, the caregiver will help keep your cat on a routine, which is important because “cats are creatures of habit,” she says.

“It will be less stressful for the cat if a normal routine is maintained in terms of having the litter box scooped regularly, food served at the normal times, and some degree of normal activity in the home,” Johnson-Bennett says.

Meister-Yetter agrees, and regularly employs a professional cat sitter. “The sitter should check the food and water bowls and refill accordingly. The sitter should also administer any medications, scoop out the litter box, and spend a good 15 to 30 minutes either interacting with the cat or simply being present in the home.”